Sunday, January 30, 2005

Dinner On A Thursday

Last Thursday, I met up with Jon, Wayne, and Riye for dinner (Malaysian). See their blogs for their interpretation of the night (and pics).

As for mine, well, here goes:  After waiting in the frigid cold for 20 minutes, those crazy bastards decided to show their faces.  Time for my passive-agresive payback.

Since I was the only one who could speak Cantonese to the waitress, I ordered everything to my specifications (that'll show them)!  Riye didn't like spicy foods or vegetables, I made sure I had one of each.  Jon liked Beef Rendang, a dried curry dish, so I asked her to add extra gravy.  Wayne wanted 'duck blood', but what he didn't know was that it was actually 'pig blood'.

After I secretly laughed at their misfortune, I forgave them, and we had a wonderfully scrumptious time.  We then went to Green Tea House (on Mott st.) and had ourselves some bubble tea and conversation.  We discussed a variety of topics including Comics, Cartoons, and Anime.  Seriously, what else would you expect 4 asian guys to talk about?  Turkish Oil Wrestling?  Only if we were gay!  And we were, so we did.

Sadly, I forgot to bring my camera - I think I'll blame it on work.


Jess said...

Wow, you're vengeful! I never would have guessed that.

Well, maybe a little. I have seen that Jase edge here and there. :)

Jon said...

The interesting thing is that the rendang tasted the same, and had the same consistency as every time I've eaten there- meaning not spicy (as it should be) and having more a a gravy than it should. Oh well- if Wayne and Rich don't like spicy food, it worked out well!

Pig blood, duck blood, it's all the same to me. It was actually really good, that and the wastercress.