Friday, January 28, 2005

Unlocked Lips

Thank you all for participating in my 'Lips' Contest!  You guys really did provide me with numerous hours of entertainment..  So, if you're ready, let's reveal the answers!

Reveal choice A! [+/-]

Tom Cruise!

From 'A Few Good Men'.  So hot.  I guess no one could 'find out the truth'.

See who's behind choice B! [+/-]

Blogger PatCH!

Isn't he cute?  I chose him because I knew it'd throw some people off; and it did!  By the way, his blog is back up!  Yay!

Unmask choice C! [+/-]

Blogger MAK!

Some people thought 'C' was Rob (including himself.. hehe), which is understandable; both have deliciously hot lips.

Let's go to choice D! [+/-]

Super hotness Brad Pitt!

Not even close to Nicole Kidman!

So that leaves choice E! [+/-]


So, how'd you do?  Nearly everyone who guessed, got me right! (even if their method was unconventional; E for Easy, lol!)  Congrats!  Your awards will be FedEx'ed to you!

One person (technically) guessed all 5, so I'll have to start stretching in preparation for the "7 Minutes in Gay Heaven" prize.  Hehe..

Mistaken for Angelina Jolie and Ricky Ricardo (really?), I must say you guys are creative!

I hope you had fun guessing.  Maybe next time I'll do a hand or ass contest.. but what would those prizes be...


Jess said...

So who guessed all five?

Anonymous said...

as a photog whore... the reason why i picked 5 was because of the resolution compared to the other pics. man i should've posted.

btw, brad has some girlie lips! i'm surprised!


epicurist said...

I vote for the ass next!

PatCH said...

Good grief.

Tuna Girl said...

Well hell. I've been kissed by MAK and I was still convinced that was Rob. Tee hee.