Saturday, January 08, 2005

Where's the Coyote?

I hate RoadRunner - the cable service I use from Time Warner Cable to connect to the Internet. It's been on the fritz at my house; disconnecting me every other hour.

And you all know the Internet is like crack; especially to bloggers.

So now I'm not at my own computer, which means I can't put up any amazing pictures or concentrate enough to write up a brilliant post.  You can help me to convince them, with your strongly-worded complaints, to provide a better service to Queens here.

In the meantime, I'll leave you with this: Stick a fork, Brad and Jennifer are done [via NoFo].

Yes. He's mine now.


Jess said...

You go, boy! I think you and Brad will make a HOT couple!

Jon said...

Well gee whiz, a Hollywood marriage ending in divorce. I've never heard of such things happening ;)

Anonymous said...

Brad - yours? I'll mud wrestle you for him.

- Aaron

no milk said...

i used to have this problem too with my cable service, until i had them replace my cable modem. apparently, i had the older, less stable and reliable version. try giving them a call and telling them that you want the modem replaced. good luck.

Brechi said...

didn't you say you wanted to make some porn? i say you recruit brad and go for it.