Wednesday, January 26, 2005

School, Work and Play

"And what do you think?" he asked.
"Huh?" I answered.
"What do you think?  I'm a little off today because I'm under the weather.  Did I forget to discuss something?  Have I met everyone's expectations?"
"You met mine.. you're so dreamy."

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That was part of a conversation I had with the teacher on the first day of the class.  Although I didn't say that last line, I was definitely thinking it.  I'm pondering bringing some cherries an apple into class next week.  And I can eat Pocky Sticks to draw attention to my mouth (oh shit, I AM a slut!).  C'mon, let's hear it for hot teachers (applause).  I don't know how I'm going to focus in this class.

Ah.. to be in class again.  I started two introductory graphic design classes this week: Basic Graphic Design and Color Theory.  Taking up these Continuing Education classes was the first turn on my 'Fork in the Road' decisions concerning my career I had a few months back (coming out of the closet was the other).  I think I made the right choice.  Yay!

You can look forward to me bitching about homework, quizes, and finals.  I might even post up some of my work for your 'constructive criticism'.

Cute potential study buddy count: 2.

In other news, I'm going back to work tomorrow!  Same consulting job, they just decided that they've now accumulated enough work so I don't surf/blog all day.  What can I do, it pays the bills.

And lastly, I'll be posting the results of the 'Lips' contest tomorrow (Thursday) night, so you'll have a little more time to make your guesses!  Good Luck!  I'm putting on minty lip balm as I type.


Jon said...

Mmm, Pocky. I always stock up on it. My faves are Strawberry, Royal Milk Tea, and Tropical Pocky (not available in the US- my friend in Japan mails it to). And if you get straight A's, we'll know why :P

Dantallion said...

Jase is Hot for Teacher!

Eddie Van Halen would be proud.

epicurist said...

Next time, show upto class wearing a halter top or extra tight slinky shirt.. :P

Anonymous said...

haha "i AM a slut"

i think you should just start introducing your entries like that. hi. i'm a slut.

love it!