Thursday, January 13, 2005

...And Some Bad News

Bad News First

I woke up today to the sight of this car missing its two left tires; right-side was deterred by the curb.  This car was parked on the other side of the street from my house.  What's worse is that I knew who this car belongs to: my sister's friend J.  She was busy the whole day and couldn't come until evening (when the pictures were taken).

"It's a quiet neighborhood, I never thought it'd happen here," I imagine myself saying to the television reporter.  However, because there were no witnesses to this crime, the NYPD says it's not really a crime.  Luckily J. had insurance or some car care package deal, and everything should be fine (minus the deductible).  No wonder we got window bars installed.

Now For The Good

Cable is stable!  The cableman replaced all the parts he could get his hands on (cables, splitter, modem) and now we're back up for business.  Ya'll should be expecting those naked pictures I've been promising in your inbox soon.


Jess said...

If you don't have a major wound spurting blood, the NYPD can't be bothered.

On the other subject, don't tease! We're waiting for those pictures! ;)

Anonymous said...

Do you even have nekkid pix of yourself?

Oh yeah - I'm a photographer. Well whattya know.

Nah - I 'm not gonna be the one who corrupts your innocent path. It just takes one nude photo and the next thing you know strangers start making requests, sending you presents, offer to take you out to dinner, buy you booze, people stare and point and offer to make the sweet love to you, you site hits go up, party invitations come in droves, there are job offers, opportunity for travel - oh yeah and cash and prizes.

Then the next day it's all forgotten about.

- Aaron

Wayne said...

OH bummer! which neighborhood is this? :(

Sorry for you sis's friend....

now, was the cableman hot?

Ed said...

I once woke up to find a brick thrown through the back window of my Honda hatchback, and this was in Tallahassee, Florida!! It can happen anywhere, I guess.

Jase said...

Jess: I know! Next time, I'll know to throw a bucket of chicken blood on the car before I call the po-po.

Aaron: nekkid? I only do 'tasteful nudes'. And all this time people think I'm innocent.. I mean I am, but we all like a little attention now and then ;) Like my momma says, 'Shake whatcha momma gave ya!' Wait.. she didn't say that.

Wayne: Sadly, the cableman was not cute.. otherwise I'd have a better story to tell; like me offering him some duct tape, body oil, and a leather
whip. sigh.

Ed: You mean the happiest place on earth?? Oh wait.. that's Orlando.. What's Tallahassee? Oh right, the brickiest place on earth!

Jon said...

Are you sure the tires were stolen? Maybe she's just a crappy driver, assuming she's Chinese. ^_^

Pony said...

Trust me: What Aaron says is true! Although the free dinners can be nice, it's the "expectation of returned value" that is the kicker :)

Anonymous said...

jase please take those pics off.. and put a sock in your friend "jon"s mouth b4 i do... thanx