Friday, January 14, 2005


Being utterly bored and non-productive today, I decided the best thing to do was to create Blog Fan Icons (BFIs) for my favorite blogs.  Applying to jobs and signing up for classes can wait until tomorrow (or the next day.. or the following week).  You can find my BFI's on the right-hand-side column.

"What are BFIs Jase?"  I'm glad you asked!  BFIs stand for 'Blog Fan Icons'.  These icons are images that represent a blog.  They come in a myriad of colors but are all 80x15 pixel in size.

"Oh! Duh. What can I use them for?"  You can use them on your website to show that you're a fan of someone's blog!  You can even replace those boring text links and use these instead!

"Cool! I want to use them! What do I do?"  First thing you should do is copy the image and put it on your own site.  Please don't use my image links because that can get costly for me.  I would also appreciate it if you could credit me and link back to my blog.  For that, you CAN use my icon: Life. By Jase

"Okay. Hey, did you make all the BFIs on your site?"  Ya damn right I did!  So they're under the same Creative Commons License as the rest of my blog.

"Gotcha! Wait, you don't have one for [your favorite blog]! What gives?"  That could be because I don't read that blog, or because I haven't had time to create one yet.  You're free to make them yourself; or if you ask nicely, I might be persuaded to take requests; you know how to reach me.

"Wow Jase! You really are a procrastinator!"  Yep!  But I can say I'm creative with my time!


Jess said...

Uh huh. Very nice. I'd ask where mine is, but I just noticed that I'm not even in your list of blogs you read, let alone getting an icon thingie. *sniff*

I'll just be sitting over here in the corner. *sniff* *sniff*

Anonymous said...

Damn you're good. I've been wanting to change my links page and now you've inspired me. I won't be doing BFI's really, but a variation on. I'll aslo be sure to credit you as my inspirtation.

Thanks - Aaron

Pony said...

Good morning: I am writing you to let you know that the "Martini Glass" image that you used for Hot Toddy's BFI is copyright 2004 by Pony and is protected by international copyright laws. I fully expect that you've implemented click-tracking technology and will be submitting royalty payments to the address that I will send you shortly. Thanks.

I'm kidding of course. You rock!!!

EngineerDan said...

I would decidedly concur that you DO engage in ROCKING! You make me want to get motivated and make my blog professional and woderful and beautiful. Wait... wait... motivation failing again. Ah, crap.

Hot Toddy said...

Imagine that I am cocking my head to one side and looking at you sweetly as I say this, "I don't understand. Can you come over here and show me how to use the BFI?"

Love, Hot Toddy (who is under the mistaken impression that being an airhead makes him cute and endearing)

Anonymous said...

Nice, very nice indeed. You have captured the energy of Go-Go Boy Diary quite well in such a simple yet well engineered BFI.

Love ya!