Friday, January 21, 2005

Redemption (Part 3)

The following is a recount of a conversation that took place on Sunday, January 16, 2005 at around 1:40 am; half an hour after I left Posh:  Read more [+/-]

[Cell phone rings with unfamiliar number.]
Me: What took you so long?
Him: [laugh. There's that laugh again.] I had to see my friends off.
Me: I see.
Him: Do you want to come back to my place?
Me: Where do you live?
Him: (Somewhere close to Posh)
Me, sweetly: But I'm all the way downtown now.
Him: We were so close before.
Me: I know!  Maybe next time.
Him: Are you sure you don't want to come up?  It's early, only 2; not like it's 4.
Me: I can't.  How about tomorrow?  There's this party I'm going to in the city, maybe you can join me.
Him, reluctant: Okay.
Me: I'll give you a call tomorrow.  Don't think about me too much now.
Him: I won't, and if I do, I still have my right hand.
Me: In that case, do think about me.
Him: [laugh]
Me: Good night...
Him: Night.

The following text message conversation took place later that night:

Him [2:02 am]: Hey
Me [2:09 am]: Hey hot stuff
Him [2:10 am]: So bummed we had to part sexy
Me [2:13 am]: There will b plnty of optnty.. i prmse.. :)
Him [2:16 am]: You should come uptown
Me [2:19 am]: Im playin hrd 2 get.. theres alwys 2morow.. swt drms babe..
Him [2:21 am]: Good game plan. The longer thd wait, the hotter. Call me tomorrow cutie :)
Me [2:23 am]: Im countn on it..

Fast-forward to Posh, Sunday night.  He didn't make it to the party I was going to at Bar 41 so we decided to meet up at Posh.  I convinced 4 straight girlfriends to join me; they've never been to a gay bar before and I was working with 3 hours of drinking (gotta love those Chocolate Martinis).  He walks in.  I recognize him, gave him a hug and quick smooch.  Introductions ensue.  Then, he starts talking to my friends!  "Excuse me?  Your attention should be on the prize!"

After a few more moments of chatting and me glancing over at him, he picks up on the fact that I want his attention and again motions for me to sit near him.

I walk around the table and instead of sitting on the couch, I say, "I think I'd be much more comfortable over here," and I sit on his lap.  Do you think I was too forward (or easy)?  Let me remind you readers that I've gotten to first base and, what I found out tonight, second base (over the clothes groping) with the night before.  [Side note: this is also the first guy I've reached any base with, period.]

There was kissing and grinding on my part.  There was excitement on his part.

After a couple of songs and a less intense make-out session (than the night before), he had to leave, citing out-of-town friends; but not before promising to call me the next day (Monday).

It's now Friday.

Not to be continued.


Jon said...

Welcome to the gay world- lots of great guys, but even more deadbeats. Though maybe the ear ring frightened him away :P

Jess said...

If he didn't stay in touch, then you're better off. Keep looking. Find a nice guy, date him, take your time. There's no rush, especially for your first. Savor the experience, and make it something to remember!

Deviant said...

Next time bang the shit out of the guy, because you just KNOW that relationship won't go on forever (especially if he calls you right away urging you to come over). Don't forget to use a rubber though kids...I mean you.

Wayne said...

Words made famous by Paris Hilton.

"That's Hot"

Now, go bang him.

I mean, wait, no. Uh, if you do, remember, to use protection, and, well, yeah, uh, i mean, just make sure you know what you want. And he knows what he wants from you. And like, yeah, uh, play safe.

Dantallion said...

That's a lesson you should learn early to avoid future irritation: Gay men often don't call back. Somehow, it's to be expected.

'Not to be continued' is a good way to look at it.