Sunday, January 16, 2005

Redemption (Part 1)

[Note: Thanks everyone for their supportive words!  I just wish I had time to read them yesterday, instead of this afternoon.]

Yesterday, I woke up feeling much better; no longer disappointed in myself because I've made the promise.  The start of a brand new day!  And I was about to be late.  I promised my friend D. that I'd go with her to the Travel Expo at the Jacob Javits Center.  I quickly got dressed and headed out to the city.

Although I was only half an hour late, D. (and another friend) had visited half of the booths.  It turned out to be a huge travel agency convention - sales reps trying to convince you to take their brochure and sell you their holiday packages.  Honestly, I didn't know what to expect.  But there was no free food or toys; I was not happy. Read more [+/-]

So I decided to find my own way to enjoy myself!  That way would be to take inappropriate pictures.  I walked down the rows of stalls, categorized by region or continent, looking for interesting things to snap at, including a mechanical elephant that kids could ride.  I didn't hump the mechanical elephant, there were kids around, even though I wanted to.  However, I did find interesting characters to take photos with, including a Canadian Mountie! (dedicated to Dan and Epi)

Sponge Bob Squarepants made an appearance, promoting the first ever Nickalodean Hotel opening soon.  My favorite by far were the cowboy representatives from a Ranch Resort in Canada (who knew?).  I conviced one of them to rope me in (and brand me his) while I ran away.  As you can tell by my smile, I was trying really hard to get away.

After the expo, D. and I met up with my sis, M., and J. for dinner before heading to our usual watering hole (straight bar near Times Square).  R. and friends came and left.  Knowing that D. wasn't going anywhere with 'the bartender', I suggested we go back to the scene of the crime, Posh.  Reluctantly, they all agreed.

Posh was packed, so I directed them all to Therapy, a much bigger bar with more seating.  As we walked out the door, a hot cutie walked in, prompting all straight girls in the group to scream out, "Damn!", "Oh shit", "Get with that boy!", and "Ask if he's straight!".  After a few drinks and some dancing at Therapy, M. and her boyfriend decided to leave, and D. shortly followed.  Realizing there were only 3 of us left, I thought, "Let's go back and see if hot cutie's still there.  I promised myself I'd get more balls."

Unfortunately, hot cutie was no where to be found.  Fortunately, there were still hotties all around, especially this one cutie who was staring at me, then motioned for me to go over to where he was sitting; so I did.

to be continued...


Dantallion said...

I never understood why the f*** Tourism Canada uses that particular stereotype about Canada (Mounties)to promote itself: You only see them in the nations capital in those silly uniforms, for the most part. And why the hell do they believe that Dudley Do-Right is a motivator to get people to visit???

Um...ok...I'm done.

And thanks for the dedication, Jase. ;)

Jon said...

Arghhhh!!!! I want to know what happened! Did you whore it up?

sammy said...

the mounties are great promo for canada.. many of them are just so cute... take more picts with them.. :)