Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Redemption (Part 2)

Redemption (Part 1)

This post was written as a stream of consciousness with authors' notes in brackets [like this].  Critique welcome.

I wonder what he wants.  Sit here next to you.. okay.  [Authors' note: The quick acceptance was due to 5 drinks I had before.]  You're cute, but your friend is cuter.  What's your story...  Your name is ***!  The other two guys I have lust crushes on are also named ***.  This must be a sign!  Let's see what you're all about.  Read more [+/-]

You think I'm cute?  [How easily I fall for that one.]  Isn't that sweet, cue chuckle and flashy wink-smile, I'll reciprocate your compliment.  Is that how you really laugh?  Keep a straight face; you're still cute.

Enough small talk, let's ask about your friend over there.  Damn, he's straight.  I guess you're still cute.  [Gin goggles, and the promise.] Let's see, more small talk..  I know, I'll just talk about my geeky self.  Eep, this is a little embarrassing, but I'll tell you anyway, it'll make me seem cute.

You work in advertising?  Creative person!  Ding, plus!  I wonder what you've done.  Oh, you did those *** commercials!  I love those!  Let me start singing the commercial so you'll know I'm not lying.  My turn, let me tell you about what I do.  Now segue into being more creative.  New career goals, check.  Going back to school, check.

Well, I guess you don't want to talk anymore, seeing how your face is two inches from mine.  Should I...?  Why not.  [Damn drinks.]

This is nice.  I guess I really am gay, because I'm enjoying this way too much if I'm not.  Ooh, there's your tongue now; you move quick, don't you.  This is new and exciting, I wonder if this is first or second base.  [This was not the first time I've kissed another guy on the lips, but it was the first time tongue was involved.]  And a little flickering, that's kind of kinky.

I think I read about this in Cosmo, or saw it on Sex and the City, let me try...  Mikey likes it.  [Mikey's not his name, but the phrase is in reference to Life cereal.]  What if I moved my tongue like this.  Sucking is very pleasurable too, I've heard.  Responsive.  Now let's see how you like it rough.

Your hand's moving to my lower back.  I guess you want me to move.  Where?  What should I do?  [I had no idea.]  Fine, I'm just going to mount your leg.  Oo.. this is good, because I can shield my hand when I put it down here..  I wonder if he's okay with me groping him like this, he didn't seem to react at all.  I'll stop groping and start grinding then.  [I'm just sexual like that.]

[flashes]  Hahaha!  I knew my sister had a camera.  I hope my ass looks good in those shots.  He stopped.  The camera?  Well, I don't care, do you?  Let's continue then.

Why is my sister kicking my feet now, didn't she get enough shots?  You're leaving?  Don't leave me behind!  I have to go.  Here, I'll give you my number.  Flirt just a little bit more.  Remember me sweetie; I can still taste you on my lips.  Get coat, get bag, run out like Cinderella!

to be continued...


Anonymous said...

i like it, but i dont know if i would have understood it if i wasnt there... J.

Jess said...

Mmmm. You little hottie.

So did you say there were pictures? Where are they? :)

Jennirhiow said...

i like it too, and i think i understand, so did he call???

Harlis Dinwiddie said...

Wow. Tongue action. In a public place??? Hmmmm.

Wayne said...

Wait, did someone said Nice ASS??

*hump* *hump* *hump*

Deviant said...

You pretty much blew up that closet didn't you?

Jon said...

Go you!

But just for the record, this post is still vague. If I were writing it, I would have been even more graphic and not spared the person's anonymity (did i spell that right?)

missfee said...

PDL's are ace, unless they are carried out by those damn ugly people who suck face so blatently in my face when i'm enjoying (or trying to) my lunch! hot pics btw!

Anonymous said...

haha you're the biggest skank i know-
wish i was back home having fun like u guys back in the city =/