Tuesday, October 11, 2005

C'mon Out!

Surprise, it's National Coming Out Day!  Considering Human Rights Campaign's theme this year is "Talk About It", it's surprising there isn't a lot of that going on.  Well, I guess most gay blogs "Talk About It" every single day.  But I digress.  Check out HRC's coming out stories.  I might even contribute my own.

More info about NCOD at wikipedia.org.

Ah, coming out.. seems like it was only last year that I came out to my family.  Of course I'll never forget the support I solicited had.


GrooveTheory said...

You know what? I really do wish I have a "coming out" story. I'm sure it'll be so dramatic and funny at the same time.

will said...

I celebrated NCOD by telling my partner I'm gay.

Hot Toddy said...

Awwww - SMOOCH!