Friday, October 07, 2005

Say what?

Who still gives O'Reilly credibility?  This time, he's comparing Irish immigration to enslavement of African-Americans!  For those who are dense like me (it took me a few minutes to realize this critical point): Africans did not have to leave!  What an idiot.

Regarding yesterday's post about the 'credible threat'.  Does anyone else think it's more than coincidental that that news story breaks right after the one about Bush vying for support on his war against terrorism?

On a brighter note, I've finally finished gathering all my pictures from Costa Rica!  There are hundreds I could have included, but after a month, I've cut them down to my favorite 71.  Enjoy!


And on a sexy note, Sexual Theme Park!  Who wants to cum?!  (Sorry, I couldn't help it.)


Matt C. said...

that's laughable. Comparing the Irish immigration to slavery. That's the dumbest thing I've ever heard. Someone should have dropped kicked him on live air, that'd been great.

GrooveTheory said...

I don't really dwell too much on politics, but I got your point too. That was a stupid a comparison.

You're the 2nd person today who pointed out the same "coincidence". I'm starting to believe it.

re: pictures ... loves it!

Wayne said...

Sexual Theme Park... loves it!

Jon said...

The O'Reily factor should just be renamed 'Old Washed Out Windbag Sex Offender Spouting Bullshit', lol. I don't watch Fox New Channel- I can actually feel my blood presure rise with anger each time I channel surf

Hot Toddy said...

Did I ever thank you for my postcard, or am I that much of a jerk. Never mind. Don't answer that. THANK YOU!!!

joinqueens said...

Can I have a postcard from your vacation?

Midterm elections next year, lets hope for a Democratic sweep!

Jess said...

Who needs a sexual theme park when we have your vacation photos to view? ;)

Kiss My Mike said...

Hey Jase Nice Pic in Costa Rica.
Sexual Theme Park? I wonder if they will create rides like Disney's "SPLASH Mountain". I hope they have towels available all over the theme park.

Steve said...

I'd bet they have most outstanding rides at this sexual theme park! And, excellent photos, Jase. (I especially like the very first one. *winks*)