Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Dinner and Dessert

I made pasta last night.  It's what I like to call, 'Fresh? You don't need fresh!' pasta:  Garlic pan-fried spam (can) in a thick spicy arrabiata sauce (jar) served over a mound of al dente rotelle (box).  It was delicious.  Read more [+/-]

Dead Rat Dessert

This isn't it.

For the story behind the picture see here.


TribecaT said...

Jesus Christ!
If PETA finds out!
I hope Ramin washed his hands afterwards.

Miss Marisol said...

Happy Blogiversary...I love Augusten, too. *piercing squeal*

GrooveTheory said...

And that ladies and gentlemen is how to cook a homemade pasta! :) LOL

LOVE IT! Well, except for the hot roommate trying to swallow that mouse (or rat, as you call it)

jOjo said...

garlic!!! it had to be freaking garlic!!!

Jon said...

that mouse looks....delicious! *drools*