Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Flied Lice

Coolness Exuded

A strange thing happened this afternoon, but to fully understand the complexity of the situation, I believe a prologue is necessary.

Fall has finally arrived.  The weather in New York City has taken a chilly turn.  I celebrated this change by digging out all my Fall and Winter clothing.

Among the heavy coats, chunky merino wool sweaters, and cotton thermal undergarments I found a gift that a family friend bought for me when she went to Shanghai: a dark blue silk jacket embossed with a distinctly shimmering pattern of circles; the larger ones depicting dragons - the Chinese symbol for royalty and power.

Silk is a good insulator, coupled with light padding, my blue Shanghai jacket was perfect for the cooler city weather.  It was time for me to take it out for a spin.  I tried to update the look by donning a FCUK corduroy flat cap, but the reflection in the mirror told me "Chinese paper boy from the 60's".

That's fine.  It's vintage.  And vintage is always in.

For lunch, I thought it appropriate to visit my favorite Chinese restaurant.  I picked up my order of spicy ma-po tofu with white rice, chatted briefly with the manager who complimented me on my coat and headed back to the office.

And then the lobby security guard stopped me.  They've never stopped me before.  "What floor?" he asked.  "Six" I said as walked by him, flashing my I.D. badge.  It was only after I got off the elevator that I realized what had just happened: the guard didn't think I was a fashionista, he thought I was a delivery boy.  Can you believe that?  [Click here if you can!]

Coolness Delivery

When was the last time your pork fried rice was delivered by someone dressed like this?!


Steve said...

That's cute, and so are you. Do you deliver in my area?

Steve said...

Oh yeah, thanks for the link, by the way. I did the same. ;-)

Matt C. said...

The guy that delivers to me never looks that happy to see me. :(

Rich said...

That picture with you and the bag is Hysterical! Atleast you didn't get stuck in the service elevator for 3 days.

iiltweet said...

lol.. hilarious!

Anonymous said...

aahahahaah JASON I LOVE YOU!


(btw, you still live 10 minutes away, will you call me already)

GrooveTheory said...

OMG!! That was hella funny! But, I agree though. Vintage is always in. Maybe, lose the cap? I don't know. I don't see anything wrong though. You look chic to me.

Crash said...

I always hope I'll get a deliver boy that looks like you, but it never happens.

Kiss My Mike said...

Haha. That's funny.

Guess the plastic bag can be so couture nowadays.

CoffeeDog said...

LOL too funny. I frequently get mistaken for a store clerk, esp. when I am wearing my work badge.

Jon said...

Ha! Laughing so hard now.

That happened to me once in an old building I used to live in- i was in the lobby and this lady said in an obnoxious voice 'can you please NOT put menus under the doors, thank you??'

I just gave her an icy cold look and said that I had been living there for 2 years. What a cunt. And you don't look like a delivery boy, btw.

Deviant said...

haha! You're more of a dangerous commie chink than a friendly derivery boy chink any way.

Robert said...

That is very cute! heh! I loove that kinda jacket, I used to have one... All smooth and kool to the touch, yet warm and puffy too when you put it on!

Kung Hay Fat Choi! Oh wait!

TCho said...

Oh that happens to me all the time. One time I came back into my building and got into the elevator with another resident. She then asked me "What restaurant are you delivering from?" I was like, "Um...this bag has my gym clothes in it. I LIVE HERE."


Wayne said...

I have been mistaken as a waiter @ Chilli's

I have been mistaken as a waiter @ Houston's

I have been mistaken as a worker @ a 99 cents Only store

Simply, Timeless.

Miss Marisol said...

That's so annoying it's funny. Or the other way around.

I had been working at an ad agency in Chicago for about four months, seeing the same doorman, of course, when I got fed up with the morning commute and decided to start riding my bike.

Naturally, on the first day of bikeriding, they tried to direct me to the service elevator.

Which I laughed about, but I think I would have gotten pissed off if they thought I was delivering Filipino food.

Hanuman1960 said...

How typical!

But, that jacket is faaaaaaaaaaaabulous!!!!! ;)

CR said...

That is to funny. My delivery boys never look like that, if they did I think I would order out more often.

It was definetly the cap though. Loose it next time.